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So many fun Critter Joeys and regular Joeys from which to choose.  They will bring hours of comfort and joy. Need a different color? No problem! Make sure to take a look at the many pillowcases that are available (standard/queen and travel/junior sizes). Contact me for special orders.

Craft Show Events:

No events until next fall.

If you want to purchace a pillowcase or two, an Original Joey or a Critter Joey, please contact me at either 952-240-0678 or

The pillowcases have become the star to the product line. New fabrics and new colors make going to bed fun! They have the same irresistible feel as the Joey sensory blankets. Young and old love them. They just might make kids want to go to bed. But don’t forget about a baby’s favorite blanket, Joeys and Critter Joeys. So much to love and hold.


Tiny fingers can’t resist touching and rubbing the soft, cuddly, and soothing sensory tag blanket called a Joey . 

Babies and children love to rub the comforting plush fabric and ribbons. 

Joey's specialty fabrics and ribbons are designed to be visually stimulating and provide soothing, tactile delight for little fingers. 

Each ribbon on the Joeys looks and feels different. These textured, colored ribbons give wee ones plenty of rubbing choices.

The material and texture are important for enhancing sensory skills. We call it an “interactive blanket.”

Guaranteed that tiny fingers will find 
Joeys by Dar irresistible!
Guaranteed to be a baby or toddler's favorite Snuggle Buddy.
Guaranteed to steal the hearts of little ones.
HANDMADE and very washable!! 

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